Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stony Brook

As the leaves are falling and winds of indoorsness calling for brisk walks followed by high carbohydrate indulgences our show schedule is stepping up for the Holidays.

Somehow I managed to accept invitations from five back to back shows, all in the west part of Suffolk Country. Intense, I'd say:) After this I will take four weeks off to focus on etching metals and making leather cuffs and on-line sales and start the new season in sunny Pasadena. So there will be plenty of opportunity to see my designs:) every show will feature new additions. Our show dogs Bella and Elle decided sadly that the snacks on the other side of the rainbow bridge were worth exploring and sent us mischevious puppy rescues instead. You'll get to meet them when we start the outdoor show season, but hhere is an image to wow how much trouble they are.

This weekend we will be at Stony Brook University. I don't know about you, but I feel my IQ stepping up every time I visit this famous campus. By immersion that is:)

Stony Brook is home to brilliant faculty, honored by Nobel Prizes in Economics, Physics and Medicine, The Pulitzer Prize and many other awards. Amongst the exciting discoveries at/by Stony Brook faculty are::

* Identification and cataloging of 328 distant galaxies
* Discovery of the link between smoking and emphysema
* Development of the drug ReoPro®, recommended for all cardiac angioplasties
* Invention of an ultrasound method to speed up healing of bone fractures
* Creation of the smallest electronic switch, using just one electron
* Discovery of the cause of Lyme disease
* Technologies for 3-D computer visualization
* Discovery of the golden bamboo lemur, Hapalemur aureus
* Discovery of the most primitive fossil bird, linking birds to dinosaurs
* Construction of the first nuclear magnetic resonance image of a living organism

Directios to this show:
LI Expressway east to exit 62 north, Nichols Rd. (route 97). Take Nichols Rd. north for 9 miles. Pass the main entrance on left. At the next light turn left into the north entrance. At the top of the hill turn right. Go past the football stadium and make the first left onto Gym Rd. Take Gym Rd. to the Sports Complex parking lot.

Print out the coupon (link to .pdf on for 20% (1$) off entrance fee

I will bring many new designs along: Basha Beads, Filigree Brasswork inlays in conch shell to mention a few...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ethno BOHO rockin' designers

So the show was a lot of fun with awesome designers and customers. made many new friends and will return in January of in love with the art and designs of Suzi Click
beautiful designs and material, ethno-boho R&R vibe, exquisite materials, one awesome designer, delighted to own one of her designs. Visit Atelier Designers in NYC Sept 20-22

Back home Bob had taken great care of 'the farm' - still spent all Monday convincing the I wont leave again for a while. When the cat is gone....Elfin officially claimed my spot in the sofa, Jojo claimed my desk and Bella the doorway.
Had a lot of fun introducing Eowyn, a cool Tolkien inspired ring I just designed, to the cool Californians visiting my booth.
...for she was not only a brave and fearless maiden, but a true warrior..... Says Tolkien.

Beauty and Courage in one form. Just like Eowyn. Making a custom one in silver for an awesome artist and friend that really has wings, Karin Alisa Houben of Gypsyeyes jewelry
Truly awesome art...check it out!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Its amazing how from one day to another an animal decides to come stay with us. Happened with Mojo and Jojo our cats, with Bella our golden and now with Elfin, a French Bulldog.

Her owner could no longer care for her and in a whirlwind with about a millisecond to search for information about this adorable breed and to secure our house for puppyhood we said :::YES:::

And nothing will ever be the same:)

Wikipedia tells that English Laceworkers in the mid 1800's brought miniature bulldogs when they sought work in France, their loyality and talent as a ratter made them very poular.

Photos dating to around this time show the Russian royal family posing alongside their French bulldogs, and they imported several of the little dogs from France. Other famous fanciers included Toulouse-Lautrec, the author Colette and King Edward VII. A French bulldog, insured for the, at that time, astronomical sum of $750, was on board the ill-fated Titanic.

The breed is brachycephalic, squshed in nose, and can neither regulate heat nor swim very well. Bulldogs and Terriers alike, there is no surprise the Frenchie has a strong will of its own and that the energy leels ranges from hyperactive to docile.

Elfin got her name from her elfin features and we think she is quite noble, but short, so hence her full name, Lady Elfin the Short. We have a great vet, Dr. Vic of Roslyn animal hospital, and he made sure that she is up to date on her shots, heart worm medicated and as of now, an it as she got spayed. Interesting, as fate would have it on July 14, yeah, quatorze Juliet, the French National day. If you live on the northwest part of long Island and need an amazing vet, Dr. Vic's contact info is here.

Stithces removed and she has had a month getting used to us, we have now started training her in addition to housebreaking her...yah, that bladder is small..and that head is very thick.

I was using first another Frenchie as my avatar on Etsy, and have just retired Elfin's avatar as I am selling metal artisan designs, not dogs (Godforbid).

Takes special measurements, softest collar or harness for a smaller breed strong as an ox! Agreat site for leashes and collars for all breeds, Allhoundsapparel
The ones we got are padded martingale collars that are as made for walkling both Bella our golden and Elfin. Handmade in California and shiped faster than lightning and very well priced.

We'll I'll keep you updated on our little pup growing up. For now I try to keep my boots vintaged the way they were supposed to be.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

ruby baby

Come on, baby, light my fire,
Try to set the night on fire


Inspired by the ring of Fire worn by Gandalf this ring bears a ruby. I choose a beautiful rough ruby, red with a hint of blue, a coloration known as pigeon blood, the mostly valued rubies. Found only in Burmese rubies from Myanmar.

The ruby is considered to be the most powerful gem in the universe. A symbol of friendship and love, the ruby is also the symbol of vitality and royalty.

Because of acts of great cruelty committed by the Burmese junta, human right advocates succeeded to influence US legislation to implement severe import restrictions of Burmese rubies. Only rough rubies can enter the US, cutting off a major source of income for the junta, unlike the more affordable rough ruby stone, polished pigeon blood colored rubies command prices of up to $20,000/carat. Despite legislation, illegal trade of polished Burmese rubies into China and Thailand netted almost US $300, 000 for the junta in 2007 (

I added an emerald, the stone of the goddess Venus, for faith and hope.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dance, baby!

Esmeralda Designs are sooo honored to support Mariana Bekerman Dance Company (MBDC) yearly fundraiser for their upcoming Black and White production. Come learn about an amazing dance company and see new designs. I will donate part of the proceeds from sales at this event to MBDC.

I love to dance, and studied figure skating and jazz untill I started college. I dance when I create, music always in my ears. I have been fortunate to meet some amazing dancers with stron and raw charisma in my life - Mariana is one of them! So when I met Mariana at a show last summer I was thirlled she said she would contact me later for an event. And she did!

This is very cool dance company, read here what Mariana says " in my work, I explore personal journeys through dance, sharing my observations, concerns and fears, superstitions, and beliefs. Creating process driven dance that is accessible to all audiences, I hope to make performers and viewers aware that we are all connected, regardless if our world is comprised of chaos, complexity and disorder. I attempt to eliminate prejudice by presenting a multi-cultural company comprised of dancers and collaborators from the United States and the rest of the world. MBDC strives to avoid the gloom, doom, and angst often associated with modern dance. In a New York Times review in January 2005 Jennifer Dunning wrote, “Mariana Bekerman’s approach to modern dance tends to be enjoyably blithe and sometimes witty. She also has visual imagination and a firm sense of craft.”

Making bronze this week:-)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The show schedule is up

Phew, booking shows is so much fun and so much work. Luckily I believe I work with the most wonderful promoters and show directors in the World; Gerd of Crafts on Columbus in NYC, Frank of South Fork Craftmens' Guild in Water Mill, Bobbie of The Art League of Long Island, Barbara of ACAC and Don and Rache of Preferred Promotions. So most of it, safe for a few shows in December and some stragglers ths should pretty much be it. I will link the sowe on my blog and website as showtime gets closer...for now I am happy making rings and things in bronze and silver for the most amazing customers...tomorrow is bronze-day:-) Made dragonflies and spooning heart to commemorate beauty and grace in my life.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hey Jo (Malone)!

Back from Pasadena where I met awesome artists and made great friends! Liberty Worth of same name Etsyshopand blog libby dibby stuff makes these really really awesome reversible skirts for women and fun spinnyskirts for the little ones (see images), check'em out:-) . She is, as I became a fan of Barbara de Jounge Designs, and we both left the show owning awesome pieces from this designer that I feel captures clean lines, fibres and avant garde japanese inspired designs in the US at its very best today. To my great delight Liberty ordered a ring from me, I am soo honored!!

Another great designer and amazing woman is Julia Bristow she has an etsyshop, too and made me feel so much welcome at the Pasadena Bead and Design Show and she designs the most beautiful gemstone pieces that you will ever find. An amazing sense of colors, harmony and a sense of the metaphysical properties of the stones that I have not seen in anyone else's designs. Check out Julia's designs, too! I will forever cherish that Julia choose to purchase a ring from me. Awesome, oh joy!!

Finally back home and finished making and sending the orders from Etsy and the show I got a lovely weekend! My amazingly beautiful and talented writer and documentaary filmmaker Rebecca took me and our families for a walk in the snowstorm yesterday followed by yummy spiced wine and grandmother's pizza and today my amazingly beautiful and classy friend Valarie met me at astore I dreamed on visiting for almost a year now, the JO Malone Store on Madison Avenue in NYC. Eversince Valarie gave me a teeny beautiful bottle of Jo Malone's White Jasmine and Mint Cologne, I have been hooked...listen to how Jo Malone describes this scent "This enchanting essence, inspired by a sun-drenched morning in an English country garden, perfectly captures the scent of jasmine, lily, orange flower and rose on the morning breeze. An unexpected twist of soft and sensual wild mint stimulates the senses and teases the palette in this elegant and eccentric fragrance." Oh yum!

The store was ::::AMAZING::::, Simeon Kline that mannered the store this Sunday along with his assistant Betsy was so knowledgable and helpful and made me and Valarie feel like Royalty, the yummiest creams, scrumptious fragrances that can be layered for exponentientally many fragrance experiences and luxury samples along with purchase made this journey to Jo Malone very memorabel. The store is an absolute, a Mecca of tranquility and class in a very busy world. Thank you so much Simeon!! I hope we meet again, soon:-)

'ts been very, very coold in the studio and out of the very coldes day came the most organic ring I ever made-morphing
This ring is like no other... faint imprints of letters and flowers from times way back tumult on the front and the tapered back has an accordion shape... being infatuated with the matrix at times came to think of morpheus...morphing what do you think?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oooh so a last minute reminder..I will be at the Pasadena bead and design show Jan 14-18, please stop by my booth C-198 and please visit awesome designer Julia Bristow at the show come see lots of cool new designs:-)