Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stony Brook

As the leaves are falling and winds of indoorsness calling for brisk walks followed by high carbohydrate indulgences our show schedule is stepping up for the Holidays.

Somehow I managed to accept invitations from five back to back shows, all in the west part of Suffolk Country. Intense, I'd say:) After this I will take four weeks off to focus on etching metals and making leather cuffs and on-line sales and start the new season in sunny Pasadena. So there will be plenty of opportunity to see my designs:) every show will feature new additions. Our show dogs Bella and Elle decided sadly that the snacks on the other side of the rainbow bridge were worth exploring and sent us mischevious puppy rescues instead. You'll get to meet them when we start the outdoor show season, but hhere is an image to wow how much trouble they are.

This weekend we will be at Stony Brook University. I don't know about you, but I feel my IQ stepping up every time I visit this famous campus. By immersion that is:)

Stony Brook is home to brilliant faculty, honored by Nobel Prizes in Economics, Physics and Medicine, The Pulitzer Prize and many other awards. Amongst the exciting discoveries at/by Stony Brook faculty are::

* Identification and cataloging of 328 distant galaxies
* Discovery of the link between smoking and emphysema
* Development of the drug ReoPro®, recommended for all cardiac angioplasties
* Invention of an ultrasound method to speed up healing of bone fractures
* Creation of the smallest electronic switch, using just one electron
* Discovery of the cause of Lyme disease
* Technologies for 3-D computer visualization
* Discovery of the golden bamboo lemur, Hapalemur aureus
* Discovery of the most primitive fossil bird, linking birds to dinosaurs
* Construction of the first nuclear magnetic resonance image of a living organism

Directios to this show:
LI Expressway east to exit 62 north, Nichols Rd. (route 97). Take Nichols Rd. north for 9 miles. Pass the main entrance on left. At the next light turn left into the north entrance. At the top of the hill turn right. Go past the football stadium and make the first left onto Gym Rd. Take Gym Rd. to the Sports Complex parking lot.

Print out the coupon (link to .pdf on for 20% (1$) off entrance fee

I will bring many new designs along: Basha Beads, Filigree Brasswork inlays in conch shell to mention a few...

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