Sunday, March 28, 2010

RInging in the new year-showschedule 2010 sort of final:)

Finally most shows confirmed my presence or not-yay. This is an iteresting game, barely able to digest the holiday foods you have to hurry, hurry, hurry to make the mid January deadline for spring/summer/fall shows...writing checks in $$$ for application fees from funds you need for the yearly March sales tax or ...:::sigh:: that vacation you foolishly envisioned when your back account had more than three digits before the full-stop.

Hence, and then the waiting game begins, especially for the hard core juried ones...

This year I got accepted to a really neat show upstate, the St Lawrence Rustic River art show and waitlisted for ArtRider and Rose Squared
with backup show incase waitlist just stands for -we have not had time to say no to you, yet- and it does not want this time around...and in all there is 26 shows. Sugarloof festivals and Renegade Brooklyn shows decided I should not leave my quarantine yet, or something :b"...meanwhile, back at the ranch, Tonto disguised as a teabag is up to his neck in hot water." and I am making rings shows or no shows, just because I love to.

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