Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mudpuppies, StreetShows and Magical Harp Music

We spent Saturday afternoon with amazing friends Ryan and Alan in their lovely villa next toa pond and a brook. The dogs, especially Bella went NUTS and turned into happy algae-feeding mudpuppies that swam, and swam and chased imaginary things.

Todays street show was a first, in a very cool neighbourhood on Long Island's south shore. Lots of rings got adopted and I met soomany nice people.

Monday I will start to prepare for the opening at the Box gallery where
Esmeralda Designs together with the sculptor Jeffrey Hollman and the Painter Peg Kolmar be part of an opening at Sea Cliff's new art gallery The Box gallery Sunday June 29 hosted by Megan Sirianni and Tracy Arnold.
My friend Ryan that we visited with Saturday will play his magical electric Harp..if you know of Andreas Wollenweider's'll know what to look forward too.

Here is one of Ryans youtube pieces...

SO please if you are in cyberspace close to Sea Cliff, Long Island, come visit with the exhibition!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Esmeraldadesings: New adoptions and a first!!!

Oh so I have been busy working, working working and making many new amazing friends at etsy and on the artisan show circuit. My nails are in a state of less than despair today as I finally decided to go see a great beauty salon in Locust Valley that I knew would not hrrrmpf me, and It was so worth it parting with a little more funds. SO now my mallet fingers do not look like they were soot dipped any more. And the new pewter-silver metallic nail polish is a cats meow to a metalsmith like myself..ohh the might ask yerself...when is she getting there...

Well here we go! I am right now alternating between singing "Oh Canada" and "New York, New York"!!!

I am so amazed that two of my favorite pieces; Gaia with a Peruvian Opal and Return of Spirit with a Coober Peedy Opal and emeralds are finding new homes with amazing two-legged soon-to-be-embellished friends in.

I am so grateful and I hope that these pieces spread joy and Grace and reminisce of our Lord's beautiful creations wherever they go.

I have a show this Sunday and am working to extend the collection of necklaces and rings by then.

And...I got blogged about by my amazing fellow artisan and a very talented musician Sunny Rising. I wear her belts and corsages and now she wears are ring by me-yaba-daba-doo!!, please check out her awesome blog: