Friday, June 20, 2008

Esmeraldadesings: New adoptions and a first!!!

Oh so I have been busy working, working working and making many new amazing friends at etsy and on the artisan show circuit. My nails are in a state of less than despair today as I finally decided to go see a great beauty salon in Locust Valley that I knew would not hrrrmpf me, and It was so worth it parting with a little more funds. SO now my mallet fingers do not look like they were soot dipped any more. And the new pewter-silver metallic nail polish is a cats meow to a metalsmith like myself..ohh the might ask yerself...when is she getting there...

Well here we go! I am right now alternating between singing "Oh Canada" and "New York, New York"!!!

I am so amazed that two of my favorite pieces; Gaia with a Peruvian Opal and Return of Spirit with a Coober Peedy Opal and emeralds are finding new homes with amazing two-legged soon-to-be-embellished friends in.

I am so grateful and I hope that these pieces spread joy and Grace and reminisce of our Lord's beautiful creations wherever they go.

I have a show this Sunday and am working to extend the collection of necklaces and rings by then.

And...I got blogged about by my amazing fellow artisan and a very talented musician Sunny Rising. I wear her belts and corsages and now she wears are ring by me-yaba-daba-doo!!, please check out her awesome blog:

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