Monday, March 31, 2008

Hula Hoop

Ay it's grey out there and I absolutely am day-dreaming about the tropics and beaches and less of everything to go outdooors. Ms. Elle, who always wears a fur and webbed toes seems not to mind at all and happily trots along while I try to resemble the letter C, trying to minimize wind flux.
Well no tropics on the horizon for a while and If you cannot got to the mountain, how about making the mountain come to you? So I eat savory French coconut cubes yummy fresh pineapple and ...make hula hoops in precious metals with conflict free diamond leis. I choose 14K, 22K and 24K and fine silver and to the silver I add Labradorite, Apatite or rhodolite garnets. I hammer the soft metal so that the light reflects even better of them and then I wire the stones into the hoop itself and hang them from open french wires or leverbacks for us with wild lives and ditto hair, The hoops are 1-1.5" in diameter and oh so beautiful!

My amazing frostumer friend/costumer Donna is safely out of hip replacement surgery and and I wish her the speediest recovery ever!

Had a show this weekend in Stony Brook and I love the visitors, what great energy and how many interested visitors in my booth. Thank you all! Many pieces and especially rings found new homes and I am thrilled that when a ring really fits with the wording and the style it is so obvious that I do not have to point it out, the costumer usually dances around and comes to find me to tell me they will wear it out. One wonderful costumer, Jessica, found the most amazing necklaces and a ring that will be personalized to embrace life and hope, and she brought her mother, too, which is really special to me. Thank you Jessica! I made the ring today and will set the tiny diamonds tomorrow.

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