Friday, March 21, 2008

The Tale of the Ring

Lately my jewelers bench has been budding rings of new and very unusual shapes. My focus is to create a ring that seems to hover, that it is so light there it is no feeling of a cuff. And my first attemps feel aboslutely awesome. I wish you could try them best is to see and read about them so here we go!

Heart and Soul gentle embrace ring
Soulful, beautiful fine silver ring with a beautifully and soulfully included 0.45 ct old mine cut Russian conflict free diamond set amongst 24K matte gold plated burnished-to-perfection tattoo-like-banner draped around the ring inscribed with the words 'Heart and Soul'. I designed this ring to hover; the ring is wrapped inside to be a gentle embrace and not hug your finger too hard. It feels amazing on, the outside is hovering, what a feeing!
Listen to 'My Baby just cares for Me' with Nina Simone to get a feeling for this ring, getting your priorities straight, care about the things that really matter. Oxidized to bring out the soul. My rings are one of a kind, this ring is 1/3 to 2/3" wide and in size 6.

Unvelievable Lightness of Beeing ring
Did you see the movie, the unbearable lightness of being? Daniel Day-Lewis, Juliette Binoche and and Lena Olin make Milan Kunderas book come alive.
This ring is certainly not unbearable. I made it rather unbelievable!
Soulful, beautiful fine silver ring with a beautifully and-here i for the unbelievable part - a soulful 0.34 ct un cut conflict free Russian Champagne colored diamond, naturally clear and shaped like a capsule and set to expose 2/3 of the stone. This stone is amazing and conflict free diamond set amongst 24K gold plated burnished-to-perfection tattoo-like-banner interruptedly draped around the ring inscribed with the words 'the unbelievable lightness of being'. The diamond is set in an open manner so that the light can have a lot of fun with this gem.

The Incredible Journey Ring
This ring will move you! Fine silver ring adorned with .15ct Congolese pastis colored conflict free rough diamond cube and inscribed with "the incredible Journey". Wrap around-tattoo-banner style 24K gold plated band keeps you on the track, oxidized to perfection!
This ring feels just like "Bittersweet Symphony" by Verve, if you know what I mean...
Pictured ring is 0.3" widening to 0.5" and a size 8, this ring is custom made from size 4 to size 12, half sizes too

Bohemian Bowtie Ring
This ring my amazing costumer and friend (frostumer) Donna bought already almost before it hit cyberspace, and I wanted to show it because it is truly special! This ring has a bowtie wrapped around it in a very carefree, bohemian manner. I wrote "Heart and Soul" on it to secure it with some strong words. That is so needed as this ring soars like an eagle...of course Spirit has wings. It feels amazing on, this ring lifts you up where you belong, what a feeing!

Listen to Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warren sing "Love lifts us up where we belong" to get the feeling of this ring

Oxidized to bring out the soul. My rings are one of a kind, this ring is 1/3" wide and technically a size 8, because of the bowtie design it fits more like a seven.

Ahh these rings! Click the likk to etsy to learn more!

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DonnaT44 said...

Ah, my friend and favorite artist has done it again. Bloggers, do not hesitate. You see it, click and purchase. You will never be disappointed. I was checking up on EsmeraldaDesigns to see if Christina has been in her studio and walah..there it was. The Bohemian Bowtie with the words heart and soul. Click it was mine. I haven't been going out much, and have been in my pajamas recouperating...but I still go to the favorite jewelry box, put on my bowtie ring and I feel ready to dance! Christina and her work is quite inspirational. Try them both on for size! You, too will be dancing the dance! You've done it again, my friend.