Thursday, March 6, 2008


Today will be a great day for studying the effect of cold indoor temperature on human motivation-just turned on the heat in the studio- I could see my breath, just the thought of removing mittens is froozen. And spring is acoming-I know it-my urge to make jewery in yummy peruvian opal, chrysoprase, strong murano glass, prehnite, amazonite and white jade is emerging right along the crocuses.

Making a necklace for a friend's nice who is graduating and making changes to current necklaces already for sale in a store. The layering look has not hit Sea Cliff - just yet that is:-)

And need to prepare for our lovicore pisces might ask yourself what the Higgins is a locivor...well that is a person who eats locally grown food and i am throwing a party for my dearest man and two friends who all happen to be born these very next few days. Hence, I should be out there preparing but there is this magical mysterious force that pulls me up to my beautiful studio....stay tuned...

later that day....chrysoprase met with murano glass and decided to embellish . See pictures on top of page.

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