Sunday, October 26, 2008

Winter coat on

So....the studio is getting ready for winter-times; insulation is being put in the windows and on the door to compensate for almost 100 years of standing in a slope-cracks...The light is so beautiful and as you can tell, Bob is happy saving on heating of the studio later this year. The dogs are schnoozing all day while I work and hopefully help generate a little heat, too.

As you can see, my tables are filling up with new pieces, getting ready for shows in November and December. I am so happy about my I love tea pendant and my lovely dagger earrings

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Metal broom handles and lightning: less cackling, more crackling

Fall is here!!! Lovely light & leaves, my studio is still warm enough to work in without heating (most days:-) and the dogs love the yummy scents that seem to ticle their noses every inch on our morning promenade it seems. So all the leaves are starting to cover our grounds and the need for a new broom arose. So my amazing husband offered to pick up a couple of good old brooms at Home Depot-the wood handle ones, you know, to make the leaves pile in a more organized and bag-friendly way. Lo and behold. There ARE no wooden handle brooms to be had anymore. Oh, the liabilities involved. Can you just imagine a witch flying off with a cat on her way to a brew or a party somewhere and....ZAPPP!! lightning strikes and the handle being superconductive...Oh horror. As hubby put it...less cackling more crackling..

Have been making peace signs and angel wings...sign of the economy and upcoming election...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Of Dragonflies and Hearts of Bronze

This weekends shows were diametrically different. The Bridgehampton show amazing weather and costumers strolling by on the beautiful grounds of the Presbyterian Church. The Pastor, Reverend M.Eileen Rhodes paid a visit to my booth and I am delighted to know that this very cool Reverend is letting one of my bracelets have a Divine time:D

A beautiful Dragonfly landed on the road, looked shaggy something tried to eat him:-( and decided to hang out in my booth for the rest of the day. He hiked to Sea Cliff with us at night and enjoyed the whole next day sitting in the booth, with water and sugar and still his time was up so sometime last night he lifted his wings and his spirit flew to heaven.

The Sea Cliff Mini mart started out in pouring rain and setting up the booth under a big blue tarp was so reminiscing of camping. The sun came out (yay, prayers do work) and we all had a great day, 50, 000 visitors, lovely costumers, fun cover band made it a great day, too.

I love meeeting amazing people,. This time was certainly no exception The Amazing Alex came by with his Mom, a project and a beautiful image he took of a ring I made that he is sending is sister. Amazing art connoiseur Lynne paid a lovely visit and purchased pieces that beautifully harmonized with her complexion and amazing personality. The very cool couple Amy and Rob Mansfield of Grassroots cafe stopped by for bracelet-talk and conversations and pieces all merged together for a very cool day.The images are of pieces that got to meet costumers, the bracelet HEY! (elkskin and fine silver) Soul pendant, flower necklace and Knight ring.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Music and Metal, yea mon'

It started with the art show I did in Sayville, LI this summer...awesome music lover Alex Diana stopped by, purchased rings, one to be custom designed. On a visit to my studio he brought me music! Never heard of Michael Franti before in my life and now, I am a huge (no not OD'ing on chocolate) fan and just purchased the New CD' All Rebel Rockers'. Now I am designing with his music around me. Awesome...check out designs I made with this awesome music in my ears. The Band is on tour right now, check my sidebar for info.

The ring is named "Grace" and feature a conflict-free rough diamond cube set in a ring made out of recycled bronze. The peace Michael Franti sings: 'you can bomb the world to pieces but you cannot bomb the world to peace" yea mon'. A beautiful 1.5" long and 0.5" wide bronze pendant for a man or a woman. Nice mixture of smooth and rugged texture. The word PEACE is stamped on the front along with peace-signs that I carved by hand. The back is blank.

Also, a plug for Modish a great blog on all things handmade
This weekend I am happily buzzing around, two shows...Bridgehampton Saturday and here in Sea Cliff Sunday so tomorrow I have a major overhaul of myself and packaging and labeling o get ready...anti-rain dances, please everyone:D