Thursday, October 16, 2008

Metal broom handles and lightning: less cackling, more crackling

Fall is here!!! Lovely light & leaves, my studio is still warm enough to work in without heating (most days:-) and the dogs love the yummy scents that seem to ticle their noses every inch on our morning promenade it seems. So all the leaves are starting to cover our grounds and the need for a new broom arose. So my amazing husband offered to pick up a couple of good old brooms at Home Depot-the wood handle ones, you know, to make the leaves pile in a more organized and bag-friendly way. Lo and behold. There ARE no wooden handle brooms to be had anymore. Oh, the liabilities involved. Can you just imagine a witch flying off with a cat on her way to a brew or a party somewhere and....ZAPPP!! lightning strikes and the handle being superconductive...Oh horror. As hubby put it...less cackling more crackling..

Have been making peace signs and angel wings...sign of the economy and upcoming election...

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