Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ethno BOHO rockin' designers

So the show was a lot of fun with awesome designers and customers. made many new friends and will return in January of 2010...so in love with the art and designs of Suzi Click http://www.suziclick.com/
beautiful designs and material, ethno-boho R&R vibe, exquisite materials, one awesome designer, delighted to own one of her designs. Visit Atelier Designers in NYC Sept 20-22 www.atelierdesigners.com

Back home Bob had taken great care of 'the farm' - still spent all Monday convincing the I wont leave again for a while. When the cat is gone....Elfin officially claimed my spot in the sofa, Jojo claimed my desk and Bella the doorway.
Had a lot of fun introducing Eowyn, a cool Tolkien inspired ring I just designed, to the cool Californians visiting my booth.

...for she was not only a brave and fearless maiden, but a true warrior..... Says Tolkien.

Beauty and Courage in one form. Just like Eowyn. Making a custom one in silver for an awesome artist and friend that really has wings, Karin Alisa Houben of Gypsyeyes jewelry http://www.karinalisahouben.com
Truly awesome art...check it out!