Saturday, July 25, 2009


Its amazing how from one day to another an animal decides to come stay with us. Happened with Mojo and Jojo our cats, with Bella our golden and now with Elfin, a French Bulldog.

Her owner could no longer care for her and in a whirlwind with about a millisecond to search for information about this adorable breed and to secure our house for puppyhood we said :::YES:::

And nothing will ever be the same:)

Wikipedia tells that English Laceworkers in the mid 1800's brought miniature bulldogs when they sought work in France, their loyality and talent as a ratter made them very poular.

Photos dating to around this time show the Russian royal family posing alongside their French bulldogs, and they imported several of the little dogs from France. Other famous fanciers included Toulouse-Lautrec, the author Colette and King Edward VII. A French bulldog, insured for the, at that time, astronomical sum of $750, was on board the ill-fated Titanic.

The breed is brachycephalic, squshed in nose, and can neither regulate heat nor swim very well. Bulldogs and Terriers alike, there is no surprise the Frenchie has a strong will of its own and that the energy leels ranges from hyperactive to docile.

Elfin got her name from her elfin features and we think she is quite noble, but short, so hence her full name, Lady Elfin the Short. We have a great vet, Dr. Vic of Roslyn animal hospital, and he made sure that she is up to date on her shots, heart worm medicated and as of now, an it as she got spayed. Interesting, as fate would have it on July 14, yeah, quatorze Juliet, the French National day. If you live on the northwest part of long Island and need an amazing vet, Dr. Vic's contact info is here.

Stithces removed and she has had a month getting used to us, we have now started training her in addition to housebreaking her...yah, that bladder is small..and that head is very thick.

I was using first another Frenchie as my avatar on Etsy, and have just retired Elfin's avatar as I am selling metal artisan designs, not dogs (Godforbid).

Takes special measurements, softest collar or harness for a smaller breed strong as an ox! Agreat site for leashes and collars for all breeds, Allhoundsapparel
The ones we got are padded martingale collars that are as made for walkling both Bella our golden and Elfin. Handmade in California and shiped faster than lightning and very well priced.

We'll I'll keep you updated on our little pup growing up. For now I try to keep my boots vintaged the way they were supposed to be.

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