Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hey Jo (Malone)!

Back from Pasadena where I met awesome artists and made great friends! Liberty Worth of same name Etsyshopand blog libby dibby stuff makes these really really awesome reversible skirts for women and fun spinnyskirts for the little ones (see images), check'em out:-) . She is, as I became a fan of Barbara de Jounge Designs, and we both left the show owning awesome pieces from this designer that I feel captures clean lines, fibres and avant garde japanese inspired designs in the US at its very best today. To my great delight Liberty ordered a ring from me, I am soo honored!!

Another great designer and amazing woman is Julia Bristow she has an etsyshop, too and made me feel so much welcome at the Pasadena Bead and Design Show and she designs the most beautiful gemstone pieces that you will ever find. An amazing sense of colors, harmony and a sense of the metaphysical properties of the stones that I have not seen in anyone else's designs. Check out Julia's designs, too! I will forever cherish that Julia choose to purchase a ring from me. Awesome, oh joy!!

Finally back home and finished making and sending the orders from Etsy and the show I got a lovely weekend! My amazingly beautiful and talented writer and documentaary filmmaker Rebecca took me and our families for a walk in the snowstorm yesterday followed by yummy spiced wine and grandmother's pizza and today my amazingly beautiful and classy friend Valarie met me at astore I dreamed on visiting for almost a year now, the JO Malone Store on Madison Avenue in NYC. Eversince Valarie gave me a teeny beautiful bottle of Jo Malone's White Jasmine and Mint Cologne, I have been hooked...listen to how Jo Malone describes this scent "This enchanting essence, inspired by a sun-drenched morning in an English country garden, perfectly captures the scent of jasmine, lily, orange flower and rose on the morning breeze. An unexpected twist of soft and sensual wild mint stimulates the senses and teases the palette in this elegant and eccentric fragrance." Oh yum!

The store was ::::AMAZING::::, Simeon Kline that mannered the store this Sunday along with his assistant Betsy was so knowledgable and helpful and made me and Valarie feel like Royalty, the yummiest creams, scrumptious fragrances that can be layered for exponentientally many fragrance experiences and luxury samples along with purchase made this journey to Jo Malone very memorabel. The store is an absolute, a Mecca of tranquility and class in a very busy world. Thank you so much Simeon!! I hope we meet again, soon:-)

'ts been very, very coold in the studio and out of the very coldes day came the most organic ring I ever made-morphing
This ring is like no other... faint imprints of letters and flowers from times way back tumult on the front and the tapered back has an accordion shape... being infatuated with the matrix at times came to think of morpheus...morphing what do you think?

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