Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dance, baby!

Esmeralda Designs are sooo honored to support Mariana Bekerman Dance Company (MBDC) yearly fundraiser for their upcoming Black and White production. Come learn about an amazing dance company and see new designs. I will donate part of the proceeds from sales at this event to MBDC.

I love to dance, and studied figure skating and jazz untill I started college. I dance when I create, music always in my ears. I have been fortunate to meet some amazing dancers with stron and raw charisma in my life - Mariana is one of them! So when I met Mariana at a show last summer I was thirlled she said she would contact me later for an event. And she did!

This is very cool dance company, read here what Mariana says " in my work, I explore personal journeys through dance, sharing my observations, concerns and fears, superstitions, and beliefs. Creating process driven dance that is accessible to all audiences, I hope to make performers and viewers aware that we are all connected, regardless if our world is comprised of chaos, complexity and disorder. I attempt to eliminate prejudice by presenting a multi-cultural company comprised of dancers and collaborators from the United States and the rest of the world. MBDC strives to avoid the gloom, doom, and angst often associated with modern dance. In a New York Times review in January 2005 Jennifer Dunning wrote, “Mariana Bekerman’s approach to modern dance tends to be enjoyably blithe and sometimes witty. She also has visual imagination and a firm sense of craft.”

Making bronze this week:-)

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