Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bronze Bronze Baby

I am totally in love with BRONZclay, an amazing ecofriendly material developed by kind and ultrasmart scientist Dr. Bill Struwe and available from Rio Grande . The material was just released and I was very fortunate to be part of one of the very first workshops taught by the amazing teacher and artist Celie Fago on her farm in Vermont.

BRONZclay is sculptable bronze...bronze as you might know is made out of copper and a little tin and was used by man already 3, 000 years ago. Bronzclay fits perfectly with my eco philosophy in that it is made mostly of recycled scrap copper, and 'regular tin' and a binder. . It is shaped and fired slowly in active carbon and the most amazing patinas form on the surface of the metal.

When you send artwork to be casted in bronze you pay $15-$20/pound casted, this is not the case here, no mon', scrap copper is more expensive then mined copper and then you have the process of making the amazing BRONZclay too...but the end result is stunning...what do you think of my hand?

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wrr said...

The pieces are fabulous! The hand looks like its been busy with much smiting and sculpting. Wonderfully textured and full of character. Beautiful hands, you have!