Friday, December 19, 2008

'Tis the Season

Almost there!!! Holiday spirit entering the system...putting light in the Christmas palm tree...yes you read right, we decorate a palm tree (one of our house plants) every Christmas with teeny lights and lith ornaments, and then it gets to drink a little extra water to compensate.

Seriously, there were no Christmas threes whre Jesus was born, harvesting and throwing out threes is wasteful, its an expense, and those dang needles, we dont own a vaccuum cleaner, and there is some sort of ethereal war going on between Christmas trees and house threre you go, these are the reasonings that went on before this became a tradition thanks to the height before the branches begin, tons of presents fit in under the tree.

The pets are enjoying the extra walk to school-pickup, Prancer and Magnet-Nose made sure they earned their names and went to sleep early...the cats must be listening to house foundation rodent radio with their little faces pressed to the carpet listening and listening.

...tomorrow is a snow...I mean show in Selden..lets see how the last show for the season goes..come and see us-esmeraldadesigns have 20% in shovel-discount tomorrow and Sunday:-)

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